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Here are the list of the films production that we have been done :

01. Malinos de Papel Production , Madrid- Spanish -
Host by Frank Cuesta , a wildlifes documentaries program for Komodo Island and Istana Ular in west Flores, cameramen by Medina , Producer by Trancho , Fixer by Evan & John.

02. Tantra Production - Singapore ( Uncle Taxi Season 4 )
Production for 3 episode starting from semarang,jogja,malang and finished in surabaya, Uncle taxi is a most famous tv show in singapore, set up in Indian and english language.
Host by Karthikeyan - Aravin - Mourhrna. ,
Producer by JK Saravanan and Shamini, Directed by Vishnu
Cameraman by Shun and Naraen
Fixer & Location by Evan

03. TV2 and Koncern Tv Denmark ( Become a Real Men )
Production for more than 5 eposide, discover the most extreem tribes of indonesia. Host by Karsten Green and Michael Christiansen. Field Producer by Thomas Jacobsen , Cameramen by Thomas Jesen. Fixer & Location by Evan

04. Eureka Production, Airing for TV5 Canada & French
Production for 2 weeks, starting from Jakarta, surabaya and finished in Bali. Host by Philip , Executive Producer by Pascal , Cameramen by Janel , Fixer & Location by Evan

05. Hurah Production Singapore
Production TVC for UD Trucks car ( a unit of volvo trucks asia ), production time 3 days. All crews by Globalink Films, Director of Cinematography by Globalink Crew , All Cameras + Lighting + Rigging and other shoot equipment provided by Globalink Films . Directed by Gabrielle Riggir, Location & Production manager by Evan, Location Clearance by Volvo Team Indonesia.

06. TV3 Malaysia
Production for TV Series Program HIDEN WORLD / DUNIA TERSEMBUNYI, airing for TV3 channel malaysia, production time 2 Months ( 60 days ) produced for 14 Episodes. Location Manager by Evan , Fixer by Globalink Crews, Transports by Globalink Crews, Location Clearance by Evan , Cameras / Gears by TV3 crews, Directed & Presenter by Raziff Zulkafli (TV3) ,cameramen by TV3 Crews.

Production for TV Series Program CHILD EDUCATION, airing for ALJAZEERA NETWORK channel , production time 3 Weeks ( 20 Days ) . Location Manager by Evan , Fixer by Globalink Crews ( Aziz - Herman - Paul ), Transports by Globalink Crews, Location Clearance by Evan , Cameras / Gears by infact crews, Directed by Mirna - Maya - Ali (infact teams) ,cameramen by infact Crews.

08. WEST4MEDIA Filmproduktions GmbH
Production for TV Documentaries of PACU JAWI in Tanah Datar, Batu sangkar, West Sumatra, production time 4 Days. Location Manager by Evan, Fixer by Efrison, Translator by Restu Yoseputri, Talent source by Evan, Host by Manfred,Cameramen by West4 team.

Production Promo / Trailer for Feature Film called " The Spiral ". Location in Bromo and Madakaripura waterfals in East Java. Production time 3 Days. Location Manager by Evan, Make up artist by Globalink Crews, Equipment by Globalink Crews.

Globalink Films is expert in organizing and making any kind of film production throughout indonesia, such as : Feature Films, Commercials,Documentaries, TV series ( drama ), travelogue series, news production,Facilitation, all kind of rentals, location permits, talents sourcing,production crews, logistic, studio rentals, lighting,make up artists, 3D properties



Client List

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Here are the lists of our clients.

List of our worlwide Clients will be soon to display on this page, or please email us for more info.

Indo Production Fixer is assisting in any services to support your film production throughout indonesia, also will available to held an event for your film production. We are available in filming for : Documentaries, Travelogue series, Television Drama, Big screen movie, clips, advertise , equipment rental , artistic supports , models and artists / actrees / and actors contacts agents.


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