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Filming Permit application for film making to indonesia normally take bit longer time, about 3 weeks up to one month, or event longer up to 2 months, depend on the details documents and information that you have to attach when apply the permit . All Indonesian Embassy offices in the worldwide are accepts for any filming application, however, they WILL NOT process it directly by them self, but the application will be sending to jakarta at the Filming Directorate office, then to the foreigner departements, and also will be need to checked by all the related departtement to ensure that the film production will be not impact any serious matter. Anyhow, Some application may will reject by the authority officers, subject to the domestic security issue and more reason.

details of documents are :

01. Filming purpose letter
02. Official application letter from your company
03. Schedules of filming ( Must be fixed )
04. Crew List
05. Synopsis / story details
06. Equipment details / all list must be attached
07. Write your agent name in indonesia ( Your Film Fixer )
08. Copy of passport of the crews

There are may be will require some additional information, asking the embassy in your country for details.

Also, we at Indo-production-fixer could help in arrange the permit,
make it quick and check all the documents directly to the filming directorate office in Jakarta, but for this service, we will require some fees, because we will need some cost for the transportation to reach jakarta ( flight, train, etc ), and also the cost may will apply for the fees of the contact person in the related office
( Just in case if we have to need them ).

Film permit which arrange by us could be more easy, fast and you will not wasting your time to wait the permit apprival, it will be quickly done, but this is not a collateral, its always depend on the kind of your film production, location of film making , and the details of your application documents.

For official procedures through the indonesian embassy, please open the PDF files as shown below :



Please print all both of above appliaction and write it correctly, then drop to the indonesian embassy in your city.

If need more help, please feel free to contact us.


Our very strong relationship with the indonesian goverment and the local goverment at each region are enables us to smooth related procedures and thata the essential preparation in ensuring every Filming production time.  Assuring you our best assistance and service at all times.



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Here are the lists of our clients.

List of our worlwide Clients will be soon to display on this page, or please email us for more info.

Indo Production Fixer is assisting in any services to support your film production throughout indonesia, also will available to held an event for your film production. We are available in filming for : Documentaries, Travelogue series, Television Drama, Big screen movie, clips, advertise , equipment rental , artistic supports , models and artists / actrees / and actors contacts agents.


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